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Discover my tips for being visible on instagram?

Are you already implementing the basic instagram tips for your account success and would like to learn more innovative instagram tips?

We’ve compiled a list of subtleties and methods that will help you improve the quality of your content (especially for your instagram stories) and the management of your account.

Are you ready for this?

2 Link your other instagram profiles or hashtags into your biography The social network has recently given everyone the advantage of being able to add clickable content into their biography.


So when you insert a # or @ before a proverb or account, other users will be able to click on it to learn more. This can be very useful if you control more than one account for your company, or if you are currently setting up a campaign with a “cool” hashtag.

3 choose a text designer just like your other accounts on social networks, your instagram account should be managed by one person (possibly two). If possible, choose a member of your team who understands the spirit of the website and is familiar with its functionality.

4 Posting instagram panoramas requires a size when you want to post a picture, so what do you do when it’s a panorama?

The solution has never been so simple and free, you will need to download the panoramagram application.

5 post your first photo/video to inaugurate your registration on instagram as it should be, there is only one step left to go through: post your first photo/video. To do so, tap the camera icon on your screen to take a photo/video, or choose it directly from your photo gallery.



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