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Who i am

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I’m Andoni kalunnian, I’m 31 years old, in my professional life I’m teleworking for a web agency in Montreal, Canada, I’m a native of Quebec, and I’m from American states.


I live in a couple with one child in a wonderful city west of Montreal in the beautiful city of Alexandria on the shores of the sumptuous Mill Pond Lake.

Discover my Hobbies and Passions

In my life I like traveling with my family, going out with my family in good restaurants, computers as a passion and as a job.

I did my apprenticeship and training in computer science in the USA for 5 years, then I came back to Canada; to work under contract with major groups in Canada to enhance their identity and visibility on the web.

Beside that, in my spare time, I’m a blogger. I write tutorials and tips to be more visible on the following social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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