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Discover the best social media conferences

What is it the Tedx Conferency

The ted ( technology, entertainment and design ) conferences are some of the conferences organized abroad by the sapling foundation. Its motto is “tips price spreading”.

The first conferences were held in California in 1984, first in Monterey, then in Long Beach and, more recently, biannually in other cities of the universe, under the title “ted global”. Since 2014, the main ted proclamation has been held in vancouver1.

To make your presentation a magical moment, we offer you our to give rhythm and life to your tedx talk, create striking visuals, put your word on the quality of your story … we assure you a creative look and various feedbacks to improve your proclamation before the key moment! You master all this?

We don’t doubt it, but repetition is part of tedx’s beliefs and its success; all advertisers go through it, from the blue ones to the most illustrious. Ted has posted a document reducing the basics to make a speak as subtle as possible.

With the help of the ted conference traffic, cities, companies and schools wanted to offer their own…

that’s how the “tedx” appeared at the end of the 2000s, almost ten years ago:

it is a license granted by ted that allows a group to organize its evening. More than 115,000 videos have been added to the tedx talks, which now has 14.5 subscriber sizes. The membership brings the steam: more than 2.5 billion views of tedx videos since 2009!


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